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The Functional Health Center, established in 2007, is currently a single doctor clinic, with supporting practitioners and staff. Our practice has a very long waitlist, and with only one chiropractor, we need help to care for our patient load! The office specializes in an integrative approach to whole body health. We utilize multiple disciplines which include Applied Kinesiology, QEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback training, Quantum Neurology, hyperbaric therapy, Functional Methylation Technique, Functional Medicine, Neuro Emotional Technique, nutrition counseling, laser therapy and lab testing. We also provide great individualized chiropractic care through a specialized assessment and adjusting technique.

We are looking for a chiropractor interested in Applied Kinesiology and wholistic health. While training in Applied Kinesiology is not required upon hiring, training and integration of this technique will be required. We are looking for someone who believes in working on multiple levels of health through a variety of techniques and wants to pursue an integrative practice. We are very interested in the skills, modalities and ideas you can bring to the office that enhance our wholistic approach.

This position offers educational opportunities while building a clinical chiropractic and integrative practice. Dr. Allomong is the creator of Functional Methylation Technique which integrates AK, functional medicine and genetic SNP profiles to personalize nutritional and lifestyle protocols. As an associate doctor, this training will be available to you. We attribute part of our abundant patient load to the success of this technique. We believe that using this technique in your practice will help kick your career quickly into growth.

Message from Dr. Jared

After 16 years of practice I see such joy in offering many types of services and having a variety of different styles of appointments. My days can range from doing mostly adjustments and kinesiology to working with chronic illness, autoimmune physiology, and even doing NET and emotional based visits. We are not looking for someone who possesses all these skills immediately but someone who has a passion for learning and integrating kinesiology, chiropractic, and functional medicine.

Specifics of the Job opportunity

Primary Manual Adjustment style along with drop table and Arthrostim adjustments

Goal of 20-30 office visit a day

3-5 work days per week

Variable shift

Flexible schedule – no weekends necessary

Dedicated private treatment room

Access to Cervical lumbar traction, class 4 laser therapy

Ergostyle manual drop table – 4 drop regions

Flexible Pay Arrangement

Multiple supportive office staff for lab ordering, maintaining doctor schedule, and check-in and check-out

Large diverse Apothecary of Nutrition in office

Multiple possible streams of income through office visits, supplement sales, and referrals

Fully integrated EHR

Cash based practice

Apply with your CV to our email if the following qualifications apply to you:

Licensed as a doctor of chiropractic in Colorado

Kind; and generally a good communicator

Interest in building a long-term career in Northern Colorado

Eager to learn new adjusting techniques and diagnostic strategies

See the value in integrating chiropractic and functional medicine


Tech Savvy

Desire for 10 - 45 minute office visits

Having 15-30 office visits per day

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