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What is Parker Success Academy (PSA)?

In short, PSA is the BEST resource to learn everything about becoming a successful, trusted health and wellness professional. We know you are passionate about building well-known and prosperous practices, and with a little help from PSA, you will have all the skills necessary to make your growing career dreams and aspirations a reality.

Provided by Parker University, PSA offers exclusive opportunities to explore new and notable industry resources, network with other professionals, and access tools to help you grow professionally to launch a strong business and career.

Why should I join the program?

Expand Your Network

Being a leader in the health and wellness industry requires you to be eager to learn, compassionate, and skilled. Whether you just started down the road to a chiropractic career or you are on the brink of opening your practice, there is always more to learn and ways to expand your network.

Exclusive Access to Industry Leaders

This exclusive online community of chiropractors and health professionals provide members with first-hand knowledge, information, experience, and advice that you cannot find anywhere else. It’s not every day that you get to learn about real-world experiences based on the wisdom of other professionals.

Unique Educational Content

PSA helps connect you with the best learning tools, including a variety of educational video series, and relatable content to give you the extra edge you need to succeed.

Join the Marketplace

You have exclusive access to the Marketplace, where you will find everything from new job opportunities to the latest tools and items for sale.

Continuing Education

PSA’s vault of online CE helps professionals gain the skills they need to continue to exceed in such a competitive industry while maintaining credentials.

So why wait? You can easily sign up today!

PSA is here to help you grow and the content and opportunities offered will continue to grow with you. Join now, preview the site, and explore what PSA can offer to provide you with the mastery and know-how you will need to be an immense success in the chiropractic industry.

Continuing Education

With PSA, you get the chance to get even more from your Parker University degree. Courses are conveniently located online or can be purchased in advance for our class-leading in-person training. CE helps professionals gain the skills they need to continue to exceed!

Learn More About Continuing Education


Check out everything going on in the chiropractic community! Explore new job opportunities, tools, and even equipment.

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You’re in the Perfect Spot!

360Parker is now Parker Success Academy!

Have a look at all the changes, but know that your previous 360Parker and Continuing Education accounts are safe and sound. Simply login like you always have. We are adding new content regularly, so be sure to check back often for new updates!