If you’ve forgotten your user ID, call Parker University’s Help Desk for support at 214-902-2430.

In order to access your courses, you must use Google Chrome.

Other browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge will not display correctly.

How to Set up your Account

  1. After visiting ParkerSuccessAcademy.com, users are advised to set-up an account. Access the “SIGNUP” icon located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Users must include their legal first and last name in the required fields.
  3. The email address that is registered in this field will be the main point of contact for communication and where completed CE vouchers will be sent.
  4. Please include your preferred phone number should the CE department need to contact you. Password should include one special character and be at least ten characters in length. Common words will be denied by the system.**

**For example, Parker2020 would be listed as a weak password. Users are advised to incorporate characters in the password to make it unique, ex. P@rk3r2020.