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Independent Contractor Opportunity in East Wichita, Kansas

We have a great opportunity for a new doctor seeking to learn and be mentored through the business side of chiropractic without the financial risk of opening their own practice, or an established doctor who is tired of dealing with the business side of chiropractic and wants to focus on treating patients.

At Stanley Chiropractic, we are an established chiropractic practice located inside of a high-end fitness facility (Optimal Performance) in the growing area of Northeast Wichita, Kansas. Within the building, we have a full fitness facility with 5+ personal trainers who do private and small-group training, two physical therapists, two massage therapists, and a nutritional consultant.

• Board Certified and Licensed to practice in the state of KS
• Malpractice Insurance as required by the State of Kansas
• A great attitude

• Skill at manual adjustments and soft-tissue therapies
• A passion and knowledge for treating athletes and sports-related injuries

We'd love to talk to you. Call or Text Dr. Mike Stanley at 316-299-8914 or send him an email at to discuss this great opportunity further.

About Stanley Chiropractic:

Mission Statement:
• Our mission is to help our patients overcome their pain and achieve superior health and performance without the use of drugs or surgery. This is done by providing effective and affordable chiropractic care tailored to the specific needs and goals of each patient.

Company Values:
1. Integrity - do the right thing at all times
2. Compassion - understand and seek to ease the pain of those who are suffering, never add to it
3. Dependability - do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it
4. Encouragement - be a source of encouragement in a world of critics
5. Gratitude - be grateful every day for the opportunity to make a profound difference in people's lives
6. Growth - never stop learning how to improve as an individual and as a company
7. Humility - no one is above the team and no job is below an individual
8. Leadership - be a guide for our patients and help them along their way in any way we can
9. Passion - show up and tap into your purpose every day to help people as best as we can.
10. Timeliness - our time is important and our patients time is important. Show up on time and schedule patients in a way that is effective and efficient for both the business and our patients.

• We believe in providing an effective, efficient service to our patients in a friendly, encouraging, dependable, and motivating environment
• We believe in always doing the right thing. No short term gain is worth sacrificing our integrity, character or long-term goals.
• We believe in treating people with respect and compassion. Most of our patients are suffering. It is our duty to ease that in any possible way.
• We believe that too many people are discouraged. We seek to lift people up and celebrate their progress, no matter how small, along the path towards improvement.
• We believe that we are never finished growing. Constant learning and self-improvement are key to growing as a business and individuals.
• We believe in humility. Ego has no place in our office. We all pull our weight and we all contribute. No matter how large or small the task.
• We believe that each employee is a leader and should have the capacity and competence to lead within the company in their field of expertise.
• We believe in respecting the time of our patients by providing effective care in an appropriate amount of time that allows us to maximize both the quality of our care and the number of patients we can ultimately help.

• Our team must have an attitude of compassion, helpfulness, discipline, timeliness, respect, and integrity.
• Each member of the team is valued and necessary. Ego or conceit will not be tolerated.
• Accomplishing the mission is of the utmost importance and no role is small in pursuit of that.

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