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Jtech Wireless ROM.
The GOLD Standard for documentation is based on AMA guidelines for every joint... such as: Cervical, Lumbar, all Extremities, etc.
Full Report, comparative Reports.

PAID 6K for hardware, and Software.
Software tech support is transferable, and inexpensive to maintain if you need it.
Lap Top included
ASKING 4,900

JTECH Medical is the premier provider of functional status assessment tools and physical assessment software for medical practices, rehabilitation centers, chiropractors, and more. Organizations and practices across many industries use our functional assessment equipment. JTECH simply offers the best methods for quickly and objectively recording and documenting functional testing data. Our collection of functional status assessment tools includes products such as range-of-motion and muscle testing devices, digital pressure algometers, Isometric muscle testing equipment, FCE testing equipment and more.

JTECH Medical also offers physical assessment software that makes your operation more efficient by automatically collecting and compiling your testing data. JTECH’s mission is to provide clinicians with tools, software, and equipment that will dramatically speed up assessment time while simultaneously improving the reliability, reproducibility, and accuracy of the data that’s recorded.

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