Jeancarlo Danies: Lifestyle Changes – Obesity to Bodybuilding

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Jeancarlo Danies, also known as “JC” received the worst news of his life, in February 2019. He was told by his cardiologist that he had only two years to live. His obesity, emotional obsession with food, and binge eating were killing him.

He was 38 years old and weighed 431 Pounds. He had to wear a respirator to sleep as he would stop breathing more than 100 times a night. He couldn’t walk, tie his shoes, or even shower. By then, his son was four years old and Jeancarlo never thought he would get to see him grow up.

In just 20 months, Jeancarlo went from nearly dying to losing 222 pounds, gaining muscle and winning three consecutive Bodybuilding Transformation Competitions in the WBFF. He qualified and competed in “WORLDS”, a global competition in Las Vegas in August 2021 and was awarded the WORLD CHAMPION of Transformation.

Jeancarlo has appeared on a YouTube and Snapchat series called “Brand New Me”, “Flaco, Fuerte y Feliz Show” with Sabrina Hernández, the dietitian for “Nuestra Belleza Latina” for Univisión, Men’s Health magazine, Fit & Firm, one of the largest Fitness magazine in the USA and Canada, and several other magazines. He also appeared several times in for Body Transformation and Greatest Motivations and Inspirations of 2020.

Jeancarlo has contributed to the following podcasts: Hungry for Success Podcast and Today’s Chat with Erika, Darealjt504 and many more.  He was even featured in the fitness app: MY FITNESS PAL.

Jeancarlo enjoys speaking about weight loss, and never giving up, to bariatric patients at Jackson South, one of the top hospitals in Miami. His non-profit foundation called FAT FREE FOUNDATION has a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, and a Facebook account where posts of his workouts, recipes, and everything he does to lose weight can be found. Jeancarlo believes in giving back, and provides all of his resources free of charge so that men, women and children that cannot afford a coach can motivate themselves and overcome obesity.  His philosophy is “Obesity almost killed me, now is the time kill obesity.”