Dr. Jude Alcide: House Call Spine Doctor

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Dr. Jude Alcide

Founder CEO of housecallspinedoctor.com

Dr. Jude Alcide, DC is a board certified Chiropractic physician in Miami Florida. He is the practicing Director of Chiropractic Medicine at the Primary Medical Care Center & Urgent Care Clinic in the Miami area, as well as the founder of HOUSECALLSPINEDOCTOR.COM, LLC, a company that brings affordable chiropractic care primarily to nursing homes using highly trained and specialized staff.

The elderly have had a special place in Dr. Jude’s heart since he was 7 years old, when his mother became a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and his father became a chef at the same local nursing home. Having emigrated from Haiti just a few years prior with 7th grade educations, little money in their pockets, and speaking no English, this was no small feat.

As a result, Dr. Jude’s afternoons were spent talking with and developing deep bonds with the nursing home residents throughout grade school and middle school.

During his freshman year of high school, Dr. Jude suffered a compression fracture in his thoracic spine from a bad football tackle. His sports career was over, but he developed an interest in Physical Therapy and the capabilities of the human body.

Dr. Jude earned double degrees in Physical Therapy at Indian River State College and Athletic Training at the University of Florida. Upon graduation, he practiced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in skilled-nursing facilities and at UF’s Student Health Care Center.

He vividly remembers the moment his passion for Chiropractic Medicine began. It was 2012 and a PT patient of his, who suffered from chronic low back pain, had gone away for the summer. When she returned, her pain was gone. As it turns out, she had seen a chiropractor. Dr. Jude had to know more.

A few years later, he graduated from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, and later completed his post-graduate training with Functional Medicine University.

He also had the pleasure of teaching Anatomy and Physiology and Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries as an adjunct faculty member at University of Florida’s College of Health and Human Performance, as well as advising and mentoring students.

Dr. Jude takes a holistic approach when consulting with patients, and understands that symptoms are often an indication of other issues within the body that need attention and care.

His knowledge of human anatomy from his background in PT combined with his functional medicine training equip him with an integrated and all-encompassing perspective that few other chiropractors possess.

Dr. Jude is active in the Haitian community and also passionate about broadening his understanding of other cultures. He loves music, traveling, reading, spending time with his wife and daughter, and any activity outside that lets him take in the beauty and peace of nature.