Dr. Irum Tahir: High Point Chiropractic Wellness

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Dr. Irum Tahir is an international speaker, chiropractor, entrepreneur, and business coach. Upon graduation, Dr. Tahir successfully created High Point Chiropractic Wellness, a family-based wellness practice that runs independently. Dr. Tahir has been coaching Chiropractors for the last 6 years most recently through the Ignite the Spark Chiropractic Consulting program on creating and streamlining systems and procedures, hiring associates, using sales and marketing effectively, creating solid referral streams from Medical Doctors and managing a superstar team that is united in a common vision and purpose. She has worked with public and private organizations locally and globally to improve health conditions through Chiropractic in countries such as Jordan, India, Madagascar, and Pakistan.

With a passion for Entrepreneurship combined with Chiropractic, Dr. Tahir was honored as one of the top 100 Entrepreneurs under 30 years of age in America by the Obama administration. She was honored at the White House and was chosen to speak on Entrepreneurship. The business model of High Point Chiropractic Wellness has been recognized by the United Nations, as the only healthcare business to do so. Her TED talk on limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind has reached 425,000+ views.  Dr. Tahir helps in advancing the Chiropractic profession by being the immediate past president of the World Congress of Women Chiropractors and the New York Chiropractic Council. Dr. Tahir was named Woman of the Year within the Chiropractic profession and continues to work in the area of empowering women in Chiropractic.