Dr. Christopher Seitz: CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Guardian Medical Direction

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Chris Seitz is a Board-Certified Emergency Physician and CEO of Guardian Medical Direction. Dr. Seitz attended Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at Beaumont Hospital. After working in the Detroit area for two years and serving on the Board of Directors of multiple EMS agencies, Dr. Seitz began serving as a locum tenens physician, traveling throughout the United States. He is licensed as a physician in all 50 states and founded two healthcare educational companies before co-founding Guardian Medical Direction in 2021, a digital health startup. Dr. Seitz now serves as the CEO and Chief Medical Officer for Guardian. Guardian Medical Direction’s platform helps nurses and other healthcare professionals start and scale their own healthcare businesses, by providing access to medical oversight, compliance, and telehealth resources. Chris is passionate about increasing access to healthcare by empowering all healthcare providers to work within their scope of practice and run successful and innovative businesses.