Books for the Evidence-based Practitioner
A number of excellent books are now published which provide strong grounding in evidence-based care. I thought I would list several here as a resource for you. They are in no particular order.
1. Howlett B, Rogo EJ, Shelton TG. Evidence-based Practice for Health professionals: An Interprofessional Approach. Burlington, MA; Jones and Bartlett, 2014
2. Blessing JD, Forister JG. Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health professionals, 3rd Edition. Burlington, MA; Jones and Bartlett, 2013
3. Rosser WW, Slawson DC, Shaughnessy AF. Information Mastery: Evidence-Based Family Medicine. Hamilton, ON; BC Decker Inc, 2004
4. Brownson RC, Baker EA, Leet TL, Gillespie KN. Evidence-Based Public Health. New York, NY; Oxford Press, 2003
5. Haneline M. Evidence-Based Chiropractic Practice. Sudbury, MA; Jones and Bartlett, 2007
6. Guyatt G, Rennie D, Meade MO, Cook DJ. JAMA Evidence: Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature. A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, 2nd edition. New York, NY; McGraw Hill, 2008
7. Howick J. The Philosophy of evidence-Based Medicine. Oxford, UK; BMJ Books, 2011
8. Srauss SE, Richardson WS, Glasziou P, Haynes RB. Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM, 3rd edition. Edinburgh, UK; Elsevier, 2008
9. Nordenstrom J. Evidence-Based Medicine in Sherlock Holmes’ Footsteps. Malden, MA; Blackwell Publishing, 2007
10. Crombie IK. The Pocket Guide to Critical Appraisal. Oxford, UK; BMJ Books, 1996
11. Dagenais S, Haldeman S. Evidence-Based management of Low Back Pain. St. Louis, MO; Elsevier, 2012