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Brand new, this table is $14,000+ and you must also pay tax and shipping, which adds another $2,000. Save yourself $9k, and buy a gently and rarely used genuine Kennedy table.

Kennedy tables really are the best in the business. That being said, I cannot emphasize enough that your patients have no idea what a decompression table looks like, what brand it is, which model it is, what color it should be, or how it works. Don’t get hung up on those details. If you have a decompression table, you are in business. PERIOD. Comparing tables with your colleagues is silly, and your patients will never know what you are talking about. They just want you to have decompression and to know how to get them well with whatever table you have.

DRX9000 tables were $125k, and the original Vax-D table was $250k (I’ve used both). This table is better than either one of them (it really is), and you can get an almost new Kennedy table for pennies compared to those others, and get better results, too. Unlike those others, you can decompress your patients in either the supine or prone positions. That makes a huge difference, and that’s what makes Kennedy the best. Many of your patients will only tolerate decompression in one of those two positions, but not both. If your table only allows for one position, you will lose many patients over that limitation. I know, because my associate paid $125k for a DRX9000 (supine only), and he had many patients who could not tolerate decompression. You will never have that problem with a Kennedy Decompression Table.

This table was purchased in 2011, and was rarely used over the next 9 years, and was stored in early 2021. It was used on 3-4 patients per year for 9 years. It is in perfect mechanical condition, and cosmetically, it is a 9 out of 10. Not perfect, but very close. The only cosmetic flaw on this table is the unthreading occurring in the lower end of the face hole, as shown in the photos. That started happening about a year after we bought it. It can easily be repaired by an upholsterer for $200. We priced it and considered getting it repaired, but no one cared about it, since the patients’ faces never came anywhere near that area of the face hole, so we never bothered. Other than that one flaw, the table is like new. The foam in the pads is like new, as well.

I HIGHLY recommend the Kennedy decompression training program. Kennedy will teach you how to do decompression the right way. His instruction is VERY different than the instruction you will receive from everyone else. I learned the DRX9000 training, and I personally experienced treatment on the Vax-D. Kennedy’s training takes a very different approach, and I was skeptical as to whether less force, and less time on the table would actually work, but it did, and it actually achieved better results than the standard training provided by Vax-D, DRX9000, and others. I was quite surprised, but it was all true. Kennedy and his trainers truly know what they are doing. Get their training, and get better results with less risk and greater profits. 100% worth it.

The table comes with all accessories, including the cervical traction device shown in the photos. Also includes bolsters, cushions, straps, etc. Everything that came with the table is included.

The table is sold as-is, and it can be inspected in Irving by appointment only, serious buyers only. You will be required to demonstrate that you have the ability to purchase it before an appointment will be made.

I will deliver this table within the Metroplex free of charge (w/in 40 miles of DFW Airport). Outside of the Metroplex will be charged a very reasonable fee for delivery. Must be within 100 miles of DFW Airport.

Sale is by cash only or by direct deposit by wire transfer from your bank account to mine. I will also entertain crypto.

TEXT TO: 214-909-6378, or EMAIL TO:

NOTE: Parker's marketplace ad system is the biggest mess I have ever seen. I have several other photos. Contact me by email and I will send them to you. It took 2 hours to place this ad because Parker's software is a joke and kept kicking me out and deleting everything I was doing. On top of that, if the photos don't meet minimum pixel requirements, you cannot upload them. But then, if you increase the pixel count, your file size exceeds the size limit for uploads. You can't make this stuff up. PARKER: PLEASE FIX THIS. THIS EMBARRASSES THE SCHOOL. DR. JIM WOULD HAVE FIRED SOMEONE OVER THIS. I KNOW, BECAUSE I WORKED DIRECTLY FOR DR. JIM FOR THREE YEARS WHEN I ATTENDED PARKER COLLEGE.

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