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Transforming Healthcare: Seeking Licensed Chiropractors!
Newton, Massachusetts
ID – 932497

Chiropractor in Massachusetts

Company Description:

Dedicated to revolutionizing patient care, our dynamic practice places a strong emphasis on patient-centered approaches. With a commitment to evidence-based practices and community well-being, we're seeking a skilled chiropractor to join our team and contribute to our mission.

Job Description:

We're seeking a licensed Chiropractor to play a crucial role in our practice. As an integral team member, you'll lead in providing exceptional patient care, utilizing effective adjustment techniques, and actively contributing to the growth of our practice. Your focus on patient satisfaction will drive your success. Our patient demographic primarily falls within the 31-45 age range, presenting a diverse range of wellness cases.


Hold a valid Chiropractic license in Massachusetts or have initiated the application process.
Adaptability to diverse practice methodologies.
Proficiency in gentle adjustments and customization of treatments based on individual requirements.
Keenness to learn and implement successful strategies to advance our practice.
Ability to collaborate seamlessly with our team and engage with the community.

Other Information:

Preferred Methods: Gentle adjustments, community involvement, and prioritization of patient needs.
Benefits: Our comprehensive package includes malpractice and medical insurance, relocation support, continuing education opportunities, phone coverage, bonuses, 401k, gym access, dental benefits, and more.
Salary Range: Competitive base salary starting at $80,000-$84,000, supplemented by bonuses and incentives, resulting in a total annual income between $100,000 to $120,000.

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