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Island Oasis of Chiropractic - Thriving Practice in Hawaii Awaits Your Expertise
Waimea, Hawaii
ID- 869974

Open Hawaii Chiropractor jobs

Company Description:
Escape to our enchanting Island Oasis of Chiropractic, a well-established practice nestled in the heart of Hawaii's beauty. We are dedicated to providing holistic care, combining chiropractic adjustments and adjunct therapies to enhance overall well-being. Operating as a successful cash practice with selective insurance, we welcome an average of twenty patients daily.

Job Description:
Join our team in a relaxed business casual environment as a skilled Doctor of Chiropractic. We seek an ideal candidate proficient in delivering chiropractic adjustments and seamlessly integrating adjunct therapies as needed. Our practice values a patient-centered approach and active community involvement. While open to practitioners of all experience levels, those with 6-10 years' expertise may explore exciting opportunities, including potential partnerships with buyout options.

Hawaii licensure or in process
Competent in firm adjustments and skilled in adjunct therapies
Open-minded to diverse practice styles
Passionate about community engagement and a patient-centric approach
Commitment to providing holistic care for patient well-being

Other Information:
Competitive $90,000-$100,000 base with additional bonuses and incentives
Practice Style: Emphasizing adjustments with in-office adjunct therapy when necessary
Ideal for candidates who firmly believe in the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments and adjunct therapy for overall patient well-being

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