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$ 6,001,000.00
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I have an open adjusting area large enough for 3 tables. I currently work off 2 tables (a flex/dist table and regluar drop table), and I'm looking for one person that is interested in renting my tables during my off hours MW before 2pm, TuF after 2pm and weekends any time for $600/mo. The area that can fit another table is currently vacant as well. That would be available and can be furnished with your personal equipment and furniture for $1,000/mo. The lobby has seating for 4 grown ups and 5 kids and is fully furnished. I also have a mini rehab area that is available for use with an extra fee of $300/mo per practitioner. Please call or text Dr. Sarah Duke for more details.

We are located across the street from St. Eds University on S Congress between Oltorf and 71, and we have been an excellent starting rental for a few chiros in town that have since spread their wings and flown away to make their own nests!!

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