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Explore This Amazing Chiropractor Opening at Our Ohio Clinic!
Cleveland, Ohio
ID – 404789

Company Description:
Delve into a realm where our wellness haven that thrives and is dedicated to elevating poor quality of life for our patients by diminishing the specter of pain and ailment. We embrace an all-encompassing strategy that presents a wide array of hands-on and supplementary care alternatives, meticulously crafted to harmonize with the distinctive requisites of each individual.

Job Description:
A chiropractic virtuoso, who revels in the fluidity of a vibrant professional atmosphere shoulder the mantle of overseeing care of 30-40 patients daily, skillfully employing methodologies such as the Diversified and Thompson techniques. An added asset would be the prowess to seamlessly weave in complementary therapies whenever appropriate. A proactive disposition, characterized by an enterprising resolve, coupled with a genuine ease in navigating through diverse patient narratives, stands as the bedrock of our triumphant collective.

Expected to hold an authentic chiropractic license granted by the state of Ohio or have initiated the licensure process. Mastery in hands-on adjustments is the crux of this position, further fortified by a robust grounding in supplementary therapies. While a background enriched with practices like acupuncture, cold laser treatments, cupping, and e-stimulation would be a impressive addendum, the non-negotiable traits encompass an open-minded outlook, a self-assured demeanor, and a modest disposition, the very essence of our holistic caregiving fabric.

Other Information:
The compensation scheme is a testament to our dedication toward your advancement and contentment. Base salary augmented by performance-driven bonuses and incentives, easily making your take home salary- $75,000 to $85,000.

Chiropractic Practitioner Vacancies in: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dublin, Delaware, OH

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