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We have a fantastic associate position that’s just become available to take over an existing patient list of approximately 70 appointments a week!

We’re wanting to get this position filled ASAP as we are already turning away New Patients.

We have expanded rapidly over the past few years, and continue to do so.Previous associates have earnt £40-50k in their first year with us and over £70k per annum thereafter.

Why would someone want to join us…

We understand the importance of working in a supportive environment. Our passion is to give every person the best possible start by providing them with the mentoring and tools they need to thrive in practice.

What we’re offering
• An employed position with a guaranteed income plus ACHIEVABLE bonuses!
• A team environment-a supportive team so you never feel like you are on your own.
• A steady flow of new patients and an existing patient base to take over.
• Mentoring and support.
• Sponsorship, if needed.

A little more about us

• We are offer quality, down-to-earth care in a homely centre.
• We consistently strive to get people truly well and help to keep them that way.
• We have 40 years worth of combined experience and mentor other Chiropractors around the UK to help them help their patients back to true health.

How do we deliver our service?
• We truly care for each individual (both team and patient)
• We pride ourselves on bringing our patients into our professional yet inviting environment.
• We provide thorough, effective and efficient care.

We embody our four core values;
• We GAS (Give a Sh*t)
• We over-communicate
• We trust our proven processes
• We be “more shark” (always on the move looking for new and improved ways of doing things)

We are looking for someone who is A.L.I.V.E and keen to continually learn as we believe you never stop.
We have a dedicated in house marketing team who can “turn on the tap” when needed.
We also have a highly trained front desk team, meaning our associates can concentrate on what they do best – providing outstanding patient care!

We are a warm and friendly bunch with a great northern sense of humour and never need an excuse for a piece of cake or chinwag with a good old cup of tea.

What we’re looking for;

• Someone who wants to help the people we see get truly well and help them to stay that way.
• Someone who wants to provide efficient and effective care.
• Someone who wants to learn the skills to maintain and further build a busy diary with ideal patients.

• Someone who wants opportunity for growth and ongoing career progression.
• Someone who thrives as part of a team.

Life is just too short for a ‘job’ that you don’t love!

If you know of anyone that might be looking , I would really appreciate it if you could pass our details on.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me on +447887576381 or via email-
Kind Regards,


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Manchester, England