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Chiropractic Position available in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 30 min from beach, 20 min from waterfalls & volcano activities.

The current Doctor is terminally ill, and as a result I have taken over his facility. I am unable to maintain both my clinic and his clinic prolonged. As they are 50 min apart and my high season is approaching in Novemeber when snowbirds/tourists return.

The facility in the city of Liberia in a small 3 bedroom typical Tico ( local costa Rican) House.The largest room currently being used as the treatment room.

You would be able to live in the location if you so chose and recieve a % of patients income. Or accept 100% of patient income and you pay rent/ utilities of approx $525 rent, $30 electric, $10 water. Or possibly make another arrangement suitable to both you and I. Iam ipen to suggestions. This arrangement available for the up coming high season of Nov- Beginning of May. ( OPTION to stay on longer, with different agreement of terms).

THIS IS FOR YOU: If you feel adventurous and want to explore a tropical country, want to start your career treating patients with no overhead to deal with, or just want to lend a hand to patients in a good sized city that would be left without any source of Chiro care for Nov - May 1.

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