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Are you looking for a potentially long-term position in a wellness practice specializing in pregnancy and pediatrics?

Are you enthusiastic about gaining insight and knowledge from a chiropractor who is also a midwife and has been working with pregnancy and attending births for 20 years?

Are you interested in growing into a confident doctor, collaborative team member, and community leader with the potential of practice partnership?

I am Dr. Joella and I began my practice in Port Orchard, WA in 2005. I was clear from the beginning that I was a Wellness oriented chiropractor and I specialized in pregnancy and pediatric care. Starting at only 5 hrs a week, after having my first baby, I grew the practice by word of mouth only into a thriving waitlist practice where you have to be pregnant, an infant or a family member of an existing practice member to become a patient. Since, I have also become a Licensed Midwife and split my work between the two disciplines. I am looking for another chiropractor who wants mentorship in developing expertise in pregnancy and infant care and to develop a collaborative working relationship committed to this extremely fulfilling work.

The Practice:

Expecting mothers and infants make up the majority of our office new patients
We have been a cash only practice since the very beginning in 2005
We strive to foster an environment that supports a work/life balance so providers can do what they love inside and outside the practice while maintaining their own optimal health.
We are located in a semi-rural county surrounded by beautiful nature AND less than an hour away from two major cities.
We serve a mixture of Liberal Washingtonians with a diverse military population as well as conservative religious families. We maintain office boundaries where our purpose and focus is providing care for every individual and do not foster a climate around our personal beliefs.
Our office culture is faith oriented, moderate to various degrees and directions; passionate for providing compassionate care for all kinds of people who make all kinds of life choices.
We schedule ten minute appointments and see 30-50 patients a day, with the goal of 20 patient hours per week in 3-4 days
We adjust using manual diversified, drop table and various cranial techniques

This position is for you if:

You are an intuitive provider looking to be mentored through the ins and outs of pregnancy and infant care.
You are self-motivated, seeking a collaborative environment, and want to bring enthusiasm to a growing family practice.
You are interested in putting down roots and progressing into partnership
You are an outgoing, clear communicating, self-motivated person who is eager to learn and grow.
You want to practice in an office where the Chiropractic Adjustment is the main service provided
You believe in providing AND receiving wellness chiropractic as a normal part of personal health care.
You love nature and outdoor activities in a temperate climate
You desire 2 yr min contract and potential long-term partnership
You are comfortable working with diverse populations with equally diverse lifestyle choices.

The details:

Competitive and experience based salary with generous bonus opportunities as you grow
Paid time off
Short-term disability
Simple IRA
Healthcare Stipend

Preference to candidates:

Webster certified
Comfortable with manual adjusting
Has at least basic exposure to cranial techniques

How to respond:

Email resume and cover letter to along with a short video clip answering the following questions:
As a chiropractor, how will your care influence a patient’s health journey?
What is one thing you’ve done to improve your health in the last year?
What kind of atmosphere brings out your best performance?
Please positively describe yourself in 3 words.

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