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If you want to have a $1,000,000 practice quickly and are willing to learn, I have an opportunity for you to learn from someone who has already done it and has trained 14 other Chiropractors to do it as well.

My name is Dr. Lewis M. Clark, and our office has a reputation of being one of the largest practices in Texas, and for having one of the finest Associate Doctor Programs. It has been my privilege to watch several young Doctors learn how to duplicate and even exceed our success. We have an outstanding facility (5,000 sq ft) and are currently in a dynamic expansion program.
Check out our website at to see the types of service we provide our patients.

If you are interested in this type of practice and would like to learn how to build it without insurance dependence, or if you want to receive a professional salary and avoid the additional tasks of running a practice, then we can help. No outside marketing is required.

Additionally, we have an unlimited salary, including bonuses and percentages starting around $80,000/year. We are also strong believers in a balanced life, working less than 40 hours a week with paid vacation and seminar time.
We will even help you with your malpractice insurance by covering it for you!

We believe this makes a win, win situation. If you would like to hear what our previous doctors have said about the experience, let me know and I will send their feedback to you.

If you have good adjusting and people skills, are coachable, and have a strong work ethic, please text your questions to 713-208-9603 and/or e-mail your resume to

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