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Medical Sales Consultant Buffalo, NY
We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced Sales Consultant to join our clinic in Buffalo, NY. This position is a part-time, 1 day per week, performance-based role that’s perfect for a highly qualified sales professional looking for competitive pay.

The Sales Consultant must be a highly motivated, competitive individual that preferably has healthcare elective procedure experience in dealing with an out-of-pocket (no insurance) medical practice. We are looking for a skilled "deal closer" who can professionally overcome objections from patients while articulating to the patient the benefits of our services. They are expected to perform sales functions, meet with patients, and guide them in the treatment processes. Following up with patients on a regular basis to build and maintain relationships is a critical function of this medical center role, as well as ensuring excellent patient satisfaction. Achieving year over year sales growth by increasing gross revenue for the clinics are a must through feedback to marketing spend and through community outreach and referrals from other medical practices!
Who we are:
We are a non-surgical regenerative medicine practice with clinics across the US and we are looking for someone to join our clinic in the Buffalo, NY area. Our goal is to help patients with arthritis, sports related injuries and chronic joint pain, without the use of surgery, steroids, or pain meds. We have a high weekly budget for advertising on local radio, TV, search engines (ie: Google), and social media. All inbound leads will be prequalified by our call center, who will then schedule appointments at our clinics. In other words, your time won’t be wasted with random sales leads and therefore we’ll be expecting a high closing rate.
Responsibilities Include:
• Understand the physiology for each treatment offered and able to explain each treatment in detail as prescribed by the medical provider
• Review notes from the medical provider and in turn, speak with patient concerning treatments
• Obtain treatment plans from medical providers to present to the new patient
• Learn and delivers verbiage for each treatment option prescribed by the medical provide
• Explain to the patient any imaging questions after medical provider establishes their diagnosis and explains pathology
• Answers any questions the new patient may have regarding finances
• Explain recommended procedures, financial breakdown, financing options
• Closes 50%+ of patients they see. An average of 12 patients a day will be seen
• Perform outreach and marketing to help bring in a consistent flow of patients
• Works closely with marketing department to optimize campaigns
• Achieve year over year sales growth
• Increasing practice gross revenue
Required Experience:
• 2-year minimum experience in a related healthcare industry-based environment and in sales of elective medical procedures
• 5 years as a proven Sales Leader (preferred)
• Experience with cash payment options, non-insurance elective procedures
• Experience using 3rd party financing options
• Strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to work effectively with the right range of contingencies in a diverse community
• Ability to work both independently and in a team environment
• $500 per day based on performance.
If you are motivated, experienced, and passionate about helping others achieve their goals, then come join us! We have a great working environment and offer the chance to reach your career and financial goals with a great growth, pay, and bonus structure and commission on net sales. If you are interested in hearing further about this position, contact us.

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