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Chiropractor Panama City Beach, FL
We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Chiropractor to join our Chiropractic office full time in Panama City Beach, FL.
Are you passionate about health, wellness, Chiropractic care and bringing about the body’s natural healing power? Want to join a team of like-minded, experienced, and well-respected doctors who provide top quality care to the community? We need a chiropractor who enjoys helping others reach for and achieve their health and wellness goals. We need you and your unique skills to complete our team!
Come join us in providing state of the art care, tailoring programs that specifically treat your patients individually!
About us:
Our mission is to provide the best chiropractic care in the community. We are determined to help as many people as possible attain optimal health through chiropractic and other natural forms of health care. We practice a holistic approach to health, working to identify and address the root cause of our patients’ discomfort and bringing out the body’s natural healing power. We aim to target our patient’s wellness needs using the least invasive yet highly effective techniques and services. We treat a range of patient healthcare needs and conditions, both pain and acute injuries to health and wellness. We also offer a range of services including spinal adjustments, therapeutic laser treatments, muscle stimulation, stretching and strength exercises, therapeutic massage, ultrasound, and trigger point therapy to name a few. Our services and skills as a team, allows us to provide individualized treatment plans for comprehensive, high-quality care.
• Patients Exams/Evaluations
• Diagnose health problems after exam, screening, Imaging, and medical history
• Treatment Plan and follow up
• Chiropractic Care- Manual Adjustments
• Maintain accurate Documentation
• Educate and advise patients on Benefits of continued care and therapy
• Counsel patients about exercise, sleeping habits, stress management, nutrition, or other matters
• Recommend and arrange for diagnostic procedures, such as x-rays
• Graduation from an Accredited Program (DC)
• Chiropractic License in FL
Salary (range):
• $76k-$100+k depending on experience
If you want to give stellar patient care with a team of experienced, dedicated practitioners then come join us! We offer highly effective, state-of-the-art care and believe that chiropractic is for everyone. We tailor a program specifically targeted to each patient’s wellness needs using the least invasive yet highly effective techniques and services. We have a wonderfully supportive team and a great office culture. If this sounds like the job opportunity for you, then please contact us.
Please send your resume to

Brian Torchin / CEO
HCRC Staffing
Office 800-472-9060

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