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We are looking for a Chiropractor who has a focus on sports medicine, treating patients with a diversified style, experience with ART/Soft Tissue, Graston, Rehab, and taping skills. Typical office visit includes adjustment, ART/Soft Tissue/Graston, therapy, and rehab. At our office, we regularly treat athletes & active healthy patients. We have a successful business model allowing you to be able to focus on your patient care, your treatment protocols, patient management, and the business of Chiropractic.
You will be paid on a graduated fee-splitting scale. You must be eager to promote and market the clinic to surrounding Physicians, Gyms, Coaches, and Athletic Trainers. You will be provided training and mentoring on how to do this effectively.
We are not your typical chiropractic practice, running from treatment room to treatment room. We schedule thirty minutes to one hour with each patient giving us time to do manual therapy, rehab, and strength training. We do this because we believe this is THE model for true patient-centered care.
Our treatment philosophy has been inspired by the following methods and people:
• Functional Movement System
• Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
• Motion Palpation Institute
• Prof. Stu McGill
• Dr. Craig Liebenson
• McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment

Depending on your goals, there are opportunities to be an associate and partner. Our patient population is very specific: active adults and athletes. Fitness and health are their #1 priority and they WANT to do the homework and exercises we suggest. We don’t ‘babysit’ with e-stim and heat...we would rather have them deadlift.
Great opportunity for the right doctor. Please contact us for more information and to schedule a time when we can discuss further your interest in working with us.

Job Type: Full-time, Part-time

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