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X-Ray Technician Danville, VA
4-day work week!
Bonus Compensation!
We are looking for a dedicated and skilled X-ray technician to join our outpatient private practice full-time in Danville, VA. The X-Ray Technician's responsibilities include monitoring radiology supplies, attending mandatory staff meetings and training sessions, and ensuring that the x-ray machines are set at the correct radiation levels. We are looking for a compassionate X-ray tech, who enjoys helping others, is a great communicator, and a team player. Come join our knowledgeable, well-established, and friendly team of MD’s, Chiropractors, Therapists, PA/NPs, and support staff!

About us:
Within our integrated physical medicine and rehab practice, a team of providers evaluate our patients, looking at both the symptoms that brought them in, and at the work, lifestyle, dietary, and genetic factors that are at play contributing to the patient’s overall health. We then meet as a team to discuss each case and develop a personalized treatment program specific to each patient’s healthcare needs. Our comprehensive approach mandates that our providers not just see patients as their symptoms, but as the individual with many interactive connected systems. We offer cutting-edge treatments utilizing the latest technologies, moving not the realm of health advocacy and wellness coaching. Our knowledgeable and experienced team consists of medical doctors, physician assistants, chiropractors, technicians, and support staff.

• Verify patients' identity and reviewing Physicians’ orders before beginning x-ray procedures
• Use x-ray equipment to take radiographic images of patients' bones, tissues, and organs as per Physicians’ written orders
• Explain x-ray procedures to patients and answering their questions
• Position patients accordingly, which may include lifting and moving patients with limited mobility
• Limit patients' exposure to radiation by placing lead shields on patients where needed
• Ensure that the x-rays taken are of sound quality to prevent repeat procedures
• Promptly notifying management of damaged or malfunctioning x-ray equipment
• Maintaining an accurate record of completed x-ray procedures
• Ensure that all x-ray rooms are always clean and tidy
• Collaborate with the healthcare team and staff for comprehensive patient care
• Bachelor or Associate degree in Radiologic Technology, Radiology, or a related field
• Appropriate state licensure in VA
• Proven experience working as an X-Ray Technician
• Full time
Salary (range):
• $16-22/hr
• Bonus compensation
• Vacation/PTO
• 4-day work week!
We have a wonderful work environment with a great team, and we have a 4-day work week so you will get a wonderful work life balance with 3-day weekends, every weekend! Plus, bonus compensation! If this sounds like the opportunity for you, then please contact us.
Please send your resume to

Brian Torchin / CEO
HCRC Staffing
Office 800-472-9060

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