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FULL TIME Chiropractor (DC) Needed Fredericksburg, VA 22401
part time
We're looking for a trained and certified chiropractor who is highly motivated and willing to be a part of a team dedicated to helping the local community through routine and affordable chiropractic care.

Duties to include: Patient adjustments, consultations, and exams. Average of 23 patients per day with some days hitting 40+. Expectations include converting a high percentage of patients onto Wellness Plan packages that help ensure patients return for follow up care and visits.

Techniques/ Specialty utilized: Drop, Diversified, Activator experience preferred. Gonstead and other techniques are acceptable as well.

Office hours and days candidate will work: Fridays 10 AM-7 PM (Closed 2:00-2:45 for lunch) and Saturdays 10 AM-5 PM (no lunch closure).

Bonus compensation: Performance bonuses based on Wellness Plan and Package conversion rates

Vacation: 7 days P.T.O. offered at start plus office closed for major holidays

Health coverage, Type and amount covered: Medical, dental, vision, short term disability

Other benefits: Malpractice insurance covered

For more information, please forward your resume to

HCRC Staffing

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