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Chiropractor Saint Cloud, FL (25 miles SE of Orlando)

We are looking for a compassionate and motivated Chiropractor to join our practice full time in Saint Cloud, FL. Our state-of-the-art office is in northern Osceola County, FL- about 25 miles SE of Orlando.

Are you a team player, mission-minded, humble, dependable, flexible, have a heart for service, love to learn, and have a growth mindset? Do you enjoy a work environment with a healthy team and community culture? Are you passionate about the body's innate ability to function, adapt, and thrive? Then we may be the practice for you!

We are a family chiropractic practice- treating the whole family and patients of all ages, as well as prenatal patients. We are looking for a compassionate chiropractor who loves working with everyone from babies, children, adults, families, and prenatal care. Our ideal candidate would be certified in Webster technique, as well as Gonstead analysis and technique.

Who we are:
We have been proudly serving the community of Saint Cloud for 5 years. Our well-deserved reputation for providing high-quality care continues to spread and our practice continues to grow! We are blessed to care for pregnant moms, babies, children, adults, individuals, and families. We are on the mission to improve the health and the lives of our practice members by providing specific Gonstead chiropractic care. In our practice we utilize the nervoscope, have two full Gonstead table sets and an X-ray studio on site. We are committed to training, developing, and refining the skills of our Associates with the open-minded possibility of spreading the reach of our practice by expanding or planting other locations. Our team is focused on serving our patients with excellence and providing specific and gentle chiropractic care. It is our goal to educate the community about the chiropractic principle and philosophy, imparting the message of an alternative approach to health care. By creating an enriching, family centered environment, we strive to empower each person to gain control over his or her life and health. Through clearing their own path, we will be there to help light each step of the way through their journey to health, growth and healing.
• Leading the team for tasks of the day
• Performing patient exams/evaluations (medical history, physical exam, review pertinent records)
• Take and review diagnostic x-rays, line drawing analysis of X-rays on 20/20 system
• Perform Review of findings
• Diagnostic and treatment care plan formulation
• Utilize the nervoscope
• Chiropractic care- adjusting patients, Gonstead and Webster techniques
• Input adjustment notes/documentation through platinum EHR system
• Progressive review of findings and health reviews
• Patient education as to care plan/treatment options, ROF’s, and benefits of continued chiropractic care
• Lead a dinner at the office 2 times/month

• Graduation from an accredited Chiropractic program (DC)
• Chiropractic license in FL
• Webster technique certification a plus, or is interested in learning
• Knowledge of or interest in learning Gonstead technique and analysis (possible seminar learning and teaching if motivated to learn)
• Willingness to provide prenatal care, as well as care for all patient ages (children through adults)

• Monday through Friday

Salary (range):
• $60k-$80k/year (DOE and certifications)

• Bonus structure ($20k bonus reachable plus bonuses available for external marketing events as well)
• Vacation (14 days)
• Holiday Pay/PTO
• Chiropractic Care
• One paid season pass to a theme park of choice (Walt Disney World, Universal, or Sea World)
• Professional advancement with seminar learning for Gonstead Analysis and technique and Webster technique, if needed

One of the exciting aspects of our Central Florida area is the growth that we are seeing in young families, and we are so close to all parks, a short distance to the coasts and the booming city of Orlando.
If you are a doctor looking for a new opportunity or a student who is about to graduate, this position may be wonderful for you. We are looking for an Associate who is confident in full spine adjusting and enjoys seeing patients of all ages and conditions. We offer a competitive salary with a generous bonus structure and vacation time. There is a lot of room for growth with this position! If this sounds like the job opportunity for you, then please contact us!
Please send your resume to

Brian Torchin / CEO
HCRC Staffing
Office 800-472-9060

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