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FULL TIME Chiropractor (DC) Needed in Denver CO
Aurora, CO, Lone Tree, CO, Denver CO, Lakewood CO, and Castle Rock CO

We are currently seeking a full-time Chiropractor (DC) to join a growing practice in Denver CO
A well-suited candidate for this position must be philosophically sound, passionate for chiropractic, very outgoing, have a high level of integrity, have an ability to tailor the care to the patient , be adaptable, open to training from an expert in the field and motivated to learn.

Duties to include:
• Provide consultations, exams, and treatment plans for chiropractic maintenance visits.
• Ability to provide high volume of chiropractic adjustments daily
• Primarily utilizing diversified adjustments and drop tables
• Ability to educate patients on benefits of regular Chiropractic maintenance
• Enter chiropractic visits notes into electronic notes software
• Ability to manage clinic staff (as necessary)

Techniques/ Specialty utilized: Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, Activator, Palmer Package

Office hours and days candidate will work:

Salary (range): $65,000-$105,000

Bonus compensation: Profit sharing and incentive/metric bonuses

For more information, please forward your resume to

HCRC Staffing

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