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Get Rich Gradually and Sleep Soundly at Night by Learning a Remarkably Ethical and Patient-Centric Chiropractic Business Model

You became a chiropractor to help people.

Because chiropractic care really can transform patients, relieving pain, restoring function and mobility, and giving patients their pain-free life back.

And that’s still true.

But if you’ve been in the business side of chiropractic, you’ve seen how the typical business model undermines the benefits of Chiro.

It becomes all about the numbers.

How to get through as many patients per day as possible, in an assembly-line fashion, spending only as much time to complete their adjustments.

And, worse, how to put new patients on a never-ending treadmill of appointments designed to milk as much money as possible from every patient.

That’s not how medicine is supposed to work — especially alternative healthcare.

When a patient comes in with a problem, the goal is to fix that problem and graduate the patient to wellness.

And there IS a business model for Chiropractic that works the same way.

A model that treats chiropractic with the respect that a true healing discipline deserves.

It’s exactly what we do at Tulsa Spine & Rehab.

This model will let you transform every patient into a referral-source for life.

Because when you graduate patients to wellness in only 6-12 visits, they’ll not only rave about you, they’ll send their friends and colleagues to you.

We do things different at Tulsa Spine & Rehab and it works. It works for our patients, and it works for our clinics success.

So, yes, you CAN be incredibly successful by doing right by your patients.

And I’m willing to teach and mentor you in this exact way of practicing your healing craft, if you’re willing to come on board and work for me.

If you’re a fit — meaning you have high ethical standards and work ethic as me — then here’s what you can expect from me:

I’ll take care of all the overhead and provide you with an office, support staff, and treatment rooms — allowing you to essentially build your own practice without the headaches of owning a practice.
You’ll have full access to complementary therapies, to include Physical Therapy & Rehab, clinical massage, high intensity lasers, yoga, etc.
I will feed you a patient flow of new patients
I will teach you how to properly diagnose and develop a comprehensive, multi-therapy treatment plan, capable of graduating your patient to wellness within a dozen visits or less.
You’ll work in a up-beat, high-energy environment.
I’ll provide leads for you to develop your own patient list and boost your patients seen up to full-time capacity.
I will provide you with the marketing resources to help you establish your own base of patients.
Base salary with aggressive bonus schedule — if you’re a top performer, you should be earning high five figures by month six.
But this isn't a short-term play. It’s really about what you could be earning in year two and beyond. I’m NOT hiring an associate, I’m looking for an ambitious doctor looking to build their own successful practice within Tulsa Spine and Rehab.
And here’s what I’ll need from you:

You’ll need to be here at the office every work day, ready from when we open the office until we see the last patient. Yes, even if you’re not scheduled for a patient. We get plenty of overflows and same-day walk-ins and you’ll be “batter up” for those patients.
A strong desire to learn the TSR-way of putting the patient first and graduating them to wellness, we’re patients can see their progress from visit to visit.
Do you have what I’m looking for?

Are you in search of a better, more ethical and medically-sound way to practice your craft?

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $32,599.00 - $89,315.00 per year

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