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Multi-decade practice. Owner exiting the profession. Purchase options considered such as "Sweat Equity" included with salary and bonus. If you desire to move out of the city and move into a quaint small Northeast Texas town. One other Chiropractor in town, who works part time. Must be great adjuster. Great school system. Great athletic and band programs. No traffic with hunting and fishing in your back yard. Great community around the town and multiple fishing and water sport lakes within a 30 mile radius. Practice draws from a large radius because of it's location and trusting patient base. Open 5 days a week, 2 of those are half days. No advertising. 50-50% cash/insurance. 252 new patients and 2886 total visits collecting in 2021. Innovative EHR system. DR X-ray, MLS 6 Robotic Laser, Decompression, E-Stim, Intersegmental Traction. Three blocks from downtown on a major highway next to the largest church in the town.

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