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FULL TIME Chiropractor (DC) Needed in Colorado Springs, CO

We are looking for an Associate Doctor who is coachable, teachable, service-focused that is looking for a long term position (primarily just adjusting). This individual needs to be outgoing, passionate about educating, and needs to communicate well and clearly. 2+ years of experience is ideal but we are willing to work with any individual directly out of school if they are the right fit and meet all the criteria above. A huge plus if they are proficient in the Gonstead Technique, Webster Certified, and enjoy working with infants/pediatrics.

Duties to include: Adjusting, marking and analyzing x-rays, performing spinal exams, going over report of findings with patients and care plan recommendations, performing education seminars throughout the month, patient communication, follow-up emails, electronic health record notes, weekly team meetings/trainings, and community outreach events as needed.

Techniques/ Specialty utilized: Gonstead, Webster Certified, ICPA seminars (proficient with infants/pediatrics)

Office hours and days candidate will work: Monday-Friday: Hours vary. Expect 40 hours a week with 25 of those being adjusting hours.

Salary (range): $60k-$80k

Bonus compensation: Profit sharing

Vacation: 2 weeks paid vacation

For more information, please forward your resume to

HCRC Staffing

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