Using Clinical Trial Results

Even the best randomized clinical trials cannot tell us for whom a given treatment is better, only that a given treatment is better than what it is being compared to. When we then read that trial after it has been published, we have to make a determination about whether or not we can apply it […]


Tribes Steh Godin is the person credited with the concept of “Tribes.” This comes out of the small book by him, also entitled “Tribes,” wherein a tribe is defined as “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” (1) Using this definition, you can see that […]

How to Find the Best evidence

How to Find the Best evidence Keeping up with the current best evidence is a difficult process for all of us. New knowledge is expanding at a frightening rate, and it is easy for us to become overwhelmed by it. The authors of the small text “Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM” (1) […]

Where and How Clinical Questions Arise

Where and How Clinical Questions Arise In the practice of evidence-based chiropractic, there is a significant amount of attention paid to developing good clinical questions.  Part of the approach used to teach or practice EBC is to focus on the development of a so-called PICO question; that is, a question that asks us to determine […]

Diffusion of Innovations

Diffusion of Innovations   One of the books I have been reading lately is Everett Rogers text Diffusion of Innovations (1). What Rogers has done is demonstrate how an innovation spreads through a social system; his work is what has led to the slightly more recent concept of a “tipping point.” This is the idea […]

Most Influential Business Books

My Most Influential Business Books I have become somewhat addicted to books about business, largely because I find so much in them that I can apply to my work here at Parker. The following list is not all-inclusive but does list some of the books that have affected me the most. 1. Leading Change, by […]

Books for the Evidence-based Practition

Books for the Evidence-based Practitioner A number of excellent books are now published which provide strong grounding in evidence-based care. I thought I would list several here as a resource for you. They are in no particular order. 1. Howlett B, Rogo EJ, Shelton TG. Evidence-based Practice for Health professionals: An Interprofessional Approach. Burlington, MA; […]

The Belmont Report

In the annals of research ethics within the United States, the importance of the Belmont Report ( cannot be overstated. It was an outgrowth of the National Research Act of 1974, which came about because of a series of events that had occurred in the 30 years leading up to the implementation of the Act. […]

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

In general, scholarly research articles are divided into the following sections: Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion; Conclusion (sometimes referred to as the IMRAD format), though each main heading might have subsections. There will also be an abstract, usually in a structured format, and a reference section; articles missing any of these pieces are likely flawed in […]